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µTorrent is one of the widest used torrent clients in the world with over 100 million users. It is an efficient peer to peer sharing application that uses Torrents for file sharing. The software is lightweight and does not require much of system space and resources for installation. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, and can be used effectively on computers and smartphones. The lightweight also means it does not hamper the performance of the computer while downloading the files and runs smoothly in the background. The ease and comfort of use make this a highly useful and efficient application.


Mode of Operation

The operational process of this program is simple and straightforward. You simply need to download and install it. While installing, just follow the instructions on the screen. Once downloaded, you just need to open the software and use it. It will give you the option to select it as the default program for torrents. For downloading a file of your choice, simply download the associated torrent and open it with µTorrent. All the other functions such as selecting the sources of the file, finding feeds, and downloading the file is done by the program without any intervention. You can select the location for the file to be saved and can also pause and stop the download. If paused, you may resume the download at any time. It helps save power and data.

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User Interface

µTorrent has a simple and yet intuitive interface. It makes it easy even for the new users to efficiently use the program without the need to learn any technicalities. All the menu options are easily available and operating the program is fairly easy. Users simply need to download and open the torrent with the application and it asks for a location to download the file shared from other peers. If µTorrent is selected as the default application for torrents, there is no need to select the file from the menu option of the program.


µTorrent offers several easy to operate functions. You can pause or stop the download, resume it, set priority for the files and also control the download and upload speeds so that you can efficiently manage your internet bandwidth. It even allows the users to automatically shut down their computers once the download is complete. Therefore, you do not have to keep monitoring your computer and can begin the download in the night by setting your computer to shut down after the download is complete. It can also be controlled remotely allowing an easy access from wherever you are.

Although it is not illegal to use this application or to download the torrent, the files that are downloaded using these torrents could be illegal. These files could belong to pirated movies, songs, or other files and downloading them could mean breaching the copyright laws. Hence, due care needs to be taken while downloading the files. So, download the uTorrent and start downloading torrent files!

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