Adobe Lightroom Mobile for PC

Gone are the days when you click an image and then you realize about the faults in it and regret on it without doing anything about it. Now there are a huge number of photo editing applications, using which you can easily edit the mistakes and errors of an image. Now again among such many applications, Adobe Lightroom Mobile is considered to be not only the best but also the most convenient application for photo editing. The different features that make the application separate from other ones are many such as the storage, editing, and many more.


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Photo Editing Features:

The very first feature of the application Adobe Lightroom Mobile that should be talked about is its editing features:

Various photo editing applications will add up file formats like JPEG, PNG, Tiff, etc. for editing purpose. But Adobe Lightroom Mobile is a great relaxation for the photographers who wish to make changes and editing in their RAW images. The simple reason behind this is that the application is capable of adding up large file formats like the RAW images and hence the photographer does not have to compress and convert the RAW file into JPEG file before feeding it to the application.

A number of options can help in a better editing of the images such as temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, saturation, sharpness, noise and many others.

The application offers you to view your original image and your edited image in various slides so that the difference can be properly traced out. You will be also asked of the options, ‘Rough Draft now’, and ‘Final Draft now’, for saving the images at different stages.


Storage is the feature in which Adobe Lightroom Mobile actually excels with almost 20GB cloud storage. On installing the application on your device, it will ask for an update that will sync all your images from the device with the application so that Adobe can upload these images in its cloud storage for future use. All these uploaded images can be viewed in the form of Preview, from where you can choose the image that you wish to edit. Also, there is a provision of selecting an image from the internet.


So, you are done editing an image and wish to share it with your friends? Share it or upload it directly from Adobe Lightroom Mobile on your social networks.

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Getting The Application On Your PC

With various android emulators, now this is a very easy task to get android applications like Adobe Lightroom Mobile on your PC. Simply download and install the emulator Bluestack on your PC from here, if you don’t have one. Now go to its search option and search the application with the name ‘Adobe Lightroom Mobile’. As you get it, you can directly install it from the option provided on your device. As the installation gets completed, the application is saved in the ‘My Applications’ segment of Bluestack. From here you can click on the application now to start it.

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