AVG AntiVirus Security Review (Android) – App You Can’t Live Without!

Hello friends, today I’m sharing AVG AntiVirus Security review with you so that you can judge whether it’s the best free antivirus for Android or not.

Virus, threats, malwares or commonly called bad part of internet is increasing as the number of users increasing. Its 2014 and Android is still among the most targeted platform but we can’t live without that. Ohh you can if you’re with iOS or BlackBerry phones. But if you’re having an Android device, may be tablet or a phone then I’m sharing one app you can’t live without.

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AVG AntiVirus Security Review

AVG AntiVirus Security Review

I’ve Nexus 7, Nexus 4 and the Sony Xperia P and I’ve been using all the antivirus app available on the Google Play store like AVG AntiVirus Security, Mobile Security by AVAST, McAfee Antivirus, Avira Antivirus, Norton Security and few more.

When I was new to Android and was having my first Android smartphone running Gingerbread 2.3 OS then Lookout was always my first choice but later when I started finding its alternative then I found one which is best than all others. It’s the AntiVirus Security developed by AVG.

AVG is not a new name in this industry and it offers security app in both free and paid version. I’ve been using only the free version as it does most of the things in keeping my data secured.

AVG AntiVirus Security User Review

Smartphones and tablets have got our personal data which most of the hackers target to get anyhow. Since smartphones and tablets can have most of our personal data and Android is an open source platform so it’s an easier target for them in comparison to other (iOS, BlackBerry, etc). Google has kept it open source but they do provide security updates and also protect their platform. Still there is a need to use an extra layer of security on our mobile device and that’s the reason why you can’t ignore AVG AntiVirus Security.

AVG AntiVirus Security Features

It got a very simple user interface to start with which lets you learn using all of its features quickly. There are no new names which you don’t know meaning of which is another thing helps in quick learning.

It scans every new app, file and even scans app when they are updated (Android does that often). Users can set auto scan frequency (I’ve set it to a week) and can start the manual scanning anytime they feel unprotected.

Top antivirus for Android

It got a scanning sensitivity option which is set to ‘High’ but you can move it to extra sensitive (when connected to public network) and can set it to low (when you need more from your device as antivirus do cost on performance and battery life).

best free antivirus for Android

There is an inbuilt task killer app which lets you stop processes and tasks being running in background so it also let you increase the performance of your device. This particular feature is good for Gingerbread and ICS running devices as Jelly Bean got simple swipe to close task killer.

Another best feature included for free is the Battery Consumption. It let you put your device onto the ‘Power Save’ mode whenever you want and it does that automatically when total power moves down to 30%. It also provides quick notifications regarding malicious apps (if found), wrong settings (like Unknown Sources setting which lets you install apps from APK files) and gives a feel that you’re completely protected. The notification it offers are not at all annoying which is unlike other Antivirus apps.

AVG AntiVirus Security Review (Android)

Anti-Theft feature is provided within for free and using it you can find your device remotely using the AVG website and can not only track your phone on map but can also do security wipe and lock it. The same feature is offered by Android Device manager and I had already enrolled with that so I didn’t used the one AVG offered but still it’s a good feature to have within the antivirus itself.

best free Android antivirus

There are few extra privacy features in built but they need to be activated by making a purchase for the pro version of AVG AntiVirus Security Android app. For me there was no need for that as I was happy with whatever app offered for free to me.

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One thing I think AVG should include in this app is gesture support so that I can simply swipe through options from left to right rather than need to click on top menu icons.

Download AVG AntiVirus Security for Android

Wrap up

I recommend AVG AntiVirus Security to every friend who ask me for best free Android antivirus and this app offers complete user satisfaction by providing a better security layer for your unprotected and easily targetable Android device. My ratings for this app is 4.5 out of 5, what’s yours?

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