Top 5 Best Antivirus for iPhone in 2014 – Must Have One Installed!

You’re going to find here 5 best Antivirus for iPhone which are updated in 2014. The iPhone you’re having with you right now got the most of your personal data which you should protect somehow. There are both good and bad sides of a technology and so it’s not impossible for a hacker to get into your iPhone and steal your personal data for misusing.

You came here searching for best antivirus for iPhone and I’m going to share only the best of them. The guide here won’t disappoint you and you’ll definitely share it with your social friends.

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5 Best Antivirus for iPhone 2014

The antivirus apps I’m sharing here are available on the iTunes app store so that you can easily find them and they are all genuine. If you’re having iOS device other than iPhone like iPad, iPod then you can still find these apps for your device too.

5 Best Antivirus for iPhone 2014


You can find Lookout for free on the iTunes app store and it provides complete security features for the iOS running devices. Using Lookout you can feel safer as it provides both online and offline protection. Apart from protection it can help you in finding your lost or stolen device.

Lookout - Best Antivirus for iPhone

Lookout saves the last location just before the battery get out completely and in case you lost your device then you can search it via using online portal of the Lookout.

You have to create an account with Lookout to avail all its features. It also creates a backup of your contacts automatically so that you never lose your important friends. The app has been trusted by millions of users.


VirusBarrier is a paid antivirus but it not just protects your device but also protects your PC or Mac. Most of the viruses come from mobile phones these days and this app stops a malware or virus to enter into your PC from your iPhone.


Finding a virus or malware and removing it completely is a couple of second job for the VirusBarrier and as its name suggests it behaves like a barrier for all infections. There are lots of other features provided by this app as you’re paying for it.

Anti-Virus Detective

Here comes an automatic detective which not only looks for virus or malware or any other kind of infection but also provide protection against them. It does not allow any infection to enter into your device by providing continuous protection.

Anti-Virus Detective

It even scans apps because apps are the easiest way to put an infection on your device without coming into the doubt. If you wish to know more information regarding any infection found then it even provides knowledge base links for particular infections.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton is also there for your iPhone standing like a strong rock against the viruses and malwares. The app is free and provides security all security features along with the special feature using which you can find your lost device.

Developed by Symantec, Norton got huge virus and malware database and it got both technology and experience in finding and treating all kinds of infections.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile

This is the last recommended antivirus for your device in this list and it’s available for free. If you’ve watched the video uploaded recently by the owner of this antivirus then you may not trust it anymore but this antivirus still got the potential and works like before.

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Let me know which particular antivirus for iPhone you’re going to use now in 2014.

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