3 Best Cloud Apps for Android – iCloud Alternatives for Android

Using cloud apps you can keep your data sync between all of your devices through which you can access that cloud app. You must have heard about iCloud which is a cloud storage developed and maintained by Apple. Through the use of iCloud, the data of a person is kept synchronized between iPhone, iPad, MacBook and any other Apple device supporting iCloud app. In case you’ve Android device and want to have the same feature then I’m here with best cloud apps for Android smartphones and tablets.

Although you won’t be able to find iCloud standard of service by any of these apps but you can still use them to keep your important data always available for you. You can also call these apps as best iCloud alternatives for Android.

Like you can keep important files uploaded in any of these cloud storage so that you can access it from anywhere either from smartphone or tablet or from PC.

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3 Best Cloud Apps for Android - iCloud Alternatives for Android

Best Cloud Apps for Android

Android’s official app store i.e. Google play store has got list of cloud apps but I’m going to share only the best one down here so that you don’t have to waste your time while searching for those apps.

Google Drive

Google provides 15GB of free storage with each Google account (whether you’re aware about it or not). You can access to Drive with your Google account in your web browser and can keep its app installed on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Google Drive - Best iCloud Alternatives for Android

This is how you can keep files and folders synchronized easily. Google Drive can also be used to read documents, spreadsheets and presentations and you can also storage images, videos or any other file you wish. [Download Drive Android app]


MEGA is the second best cloud Android apps because it offers 50GB of free storage. There is no other app which offers such large data space for free and this makes this app stand clearly ahead than any other.

MEGA - Best Cloud Android App

It got a very simple user interface and you won’t find any problem while using any of its tools or features. If your storage requirement is huge then it’s the only best cloud storage Android app recommended for you. [Download MEGA Android app]


You may have heard about it in the Samsung or HTC promotions. Both these brands provide free Dropbox storage with their high end Android smartphones. No doubt, Dropbox is the best Android cloud storage append it got all the features which a user require.

Dropbox - 3rd Best Cloud App for Android

You can storage images, videos, arrange them in folder and can also do little bit of customization. You can directly upload the pictures taken from the camera to its storage and it got more such unique feature. [Download Dropbox Android app]

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Friends, let me know which particular app you’re going to use now on your Android smartphone or tablet or you’re already using. Also share this guide to your Facebook and Google+ account so that your friends can also come to know about it.

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