Bubble Blaze for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

There are a number of puzzle games that still exists in the midst of many racing and other games that have come up in recent few years. People have got addicted to many of the new games such as racing, zombie games and many others. Now there are some puzzle games also that have become exciting and more entertaining over the time. Various games such as candy crush are becoming famous among people and players are getting addicted to these games also.

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One such puzzle game among various others is the Bubble blaze game. It is also a puzzle game but many levels and endless amount of excitement in it. Though the game was initially made for the android device users but now with help of android emulators, you can get Bubble Blaze for PC too. BlueStacks can help you in downloading and playing the game of Bubble Blaze in your personal computer now.

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Let’s get started with Bubble Blaze for PC

Before starting with the game it is important to have a look at the features of the game. There are a number of features in the game of bubble blaze that makes it interesting for the players. One of the very important features of the game is that it has almost more than 160 levels. Thus, you do not have to play the same level again and again. One you have crossed a level the game will direct you to the next level with newer excitement and newer background.


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The developer has designed Bubble Blaze for PC in such a way that people from all the age groups can play this game. The game play is simple and thus you will not get bored with the game as you may get in other puzzles for being not able to solve it. In addition you will have a great time in solving the puzzles with great graphics and changing background.

There are different ways of playing in different levels. There are also time bound game levels where you need to cross various obstacles such as the cursed bubbles before the time gets over. You can play the game alone in offline mode or you can also join your friends in online mode. Complete the puzzle at a short time to stay in the first rank of the scoreboard.

Along with the changing background, scoreboards, obstacles and many more there are also power boosters such as rainbow bubbles and many others that will help you in boosting your score.

Play The Game of Bubble Blaze On Your PC

Downloading the game of Bubble Blaze for PC has become easy with the emulator BlueStacks. BlueStacks is software or rather an emulator that enables the downloading of all the Android applications and games on your PC.


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You can get this emulator directly from here!

After you have installed BlueStacks on your PC, now you can start searching the game Bubble Blaze for PC. As you get the game, click on the icon to directly install it on your computer. After the game gets installed on your pc, now you can go to the applications section of BlueStacks and can click to open the game.

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