CSR Racing Review (Complete) – Learn Game Cheats & How to Play [Android]

CSR Racing is the best free drag racing (car) for Android and it has even won the Editor’s choice badge on the Play store which is the highest award an app can achieve there. I’m sharing here CSR Racing review (Android game) which is among the best free car racing Android games. In fact the only one which has won the highest badge over the Play store.

I’ve been playing this game since a month now and aware of all the CSR Racing cheats using which you can learn how to play it like a pro otherwise you will get into lots of problems and won’t move up in levels faster.

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CSR Racing cheats

CSR Racing Review (Android)

I must tell you that you should download CSR Racing game only on when connected to the Wi-Fi network as it’s too large in size and can consume one quarter of 1GB mobile data. But this game is totally worth of the wait you need to do to download it completely. But annoying thing is that it can take equivalent time for each new update that’s why I mostly ignored the updates.

I must tell you that it’s not a complete car racing game (if you’re expecting similar) and this is the only problem I found in the game. It offers only one type of racing i.e. drag racing in which you’re allowed to control only the transmission of the car rather than complete cruise control.

Android CSR Racing cheats

It lets you connect with your Facebook profile and then you can play it in multiplayer mode. Finding your friends and challenging them is very easy and you can share your scores and achievements to get few extra bucks.

It takes 2-3 seconds to load up completely (on Nexus 7) as its huge in size but once it’s started then believe me it can make you addicted of its game play. You can instantly start racing in the Tier 1 and challenge the bosses to move up in levels. More races you win, more money you earn that can be spend on upgrading cars and buying new ones.

CSR Racing My Cars

Game is divided into Tiers and levels and there are cars for each new tier. There are many original licensed cars which is another impressive feature as you can ride the original looking and sounding. One I reached tier 2 then I bought Ford Mustang GT which is my favorite car in real life. You get Dodge Dart RT as default ride and I also won one MINI Cooper S RYF in the game.

There are two things which were little annoying and the one I found most challenging. First, you need to upgrade the ride after every 2-3 races otherwise you can’t win that race. Second, money which we can win is very less and I was always short on the money after each upgrade. Each new level gets one gold coin which can also be spend to buy upgrades and rides.

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It got a gas tank which let you race limited races only. Once gas tank is empty then you need to either spend money to refill it or wait till the time it shows. You can share about CSR Racing game to gain few refills. Racing mechanism offered is superb and there is nothing you won’t like about that. Graphics are of HD quality and sound effects are equally addictive. Overall, CSR Racing review is pretty awesome but it can be unbeatable if it can offer more race events other than drag.

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CSR Racing cheats

Now I’m sharing few best CSR Racing cheats for Android. Just go through them and you’ll learn how to play CSR Racing like a pro.

  • Always keep the ride upgraded to the latest version. When a race starts then a number is shown about both cars, make sure your number is higher (its performance number).

CSR Racing cheats and codes

  • Always upgrade Nitro first and then look for tires and engines, transmission and turbo boost in last. Following this sequence you can stay always ahead than opponents.
  • You should play daily races to win more cash and also regulation races. To move up in level you should also play Ladder races and to complete one tier, play Crew battle races.

CSR Racing cheat Codes

  • Always look to get perfect launch (launch it when acceleration light is green) and always look for perfect gear shift. This will help in saving few seconds which are crucial for winning races and also some bonus cash.

CSR Racing User Review

  • You can share your game status with social network to get extra cash. Always choose a new car using its power and prize.

That’s it! Good luck with the game. I hope you share these CSR Racing cheats with your friends and also find the review helpful.

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