Review: Best SMS App – hello sms APK for Android Free Download

If you’re hunting for best SMS app which you can use instead of the default SMS app or the Hangouts app then I’m sharing here one such app which you’re definitely going to love using. Hello SMS is the name and it’s there for your Android device for free. I’ll share here a review of this app and also share how to get hello sms APK for Android free download.

With each new update to the Android OS, Google is trying to bring as many most used features in its bag as it can. Hangouts replaced the Google Talk and its second version took the default SMS app which used to be there on the Android devices i.e. SMS feature is combined in the Hangouts. But for me it was the day when I started looking for a better SMS app.

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Review – hello sms

I’ve used GO SMS Pro on my Nexus 7 tablet and chomp SMS on my Xperia P and then I switched to Hangouts just because I wanted to keep things at the same place. But I never got the perfect satisfaction with any of these apps and then I found hello sms on the Google Play store.

Review Best SMS App - hello sms Android app

Hello SMS has got the potential to attract you from the very first moment when you start using it and I’m sure you’re going to use it as the default SMS app on all your Android device.

hello sms APK for Android Free Download

Hello SMS supports Android devices running 2.2 version and upwards and it’s also small in size. The best feature I like and you’ll also like is that it offers tab messaging. It also allows users to share photos instantly.

Yes, it divides conversations in the tabs which make it easier to switch from one conversation or another easily. The app imports contacts from the contact app of your phone and you can easily see pictures and name of people there in your contacts. According to the developer, it’s world’s first SMS app with tabs.

Free Download hello sms APK Android

No advertisements are served by the app and the hello sms makes sure that nothing comes between you and your conversations. The app is very simple in design and it replaces your default SMS app elegantly.

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Download hello sms APK for Android

You can either install hello sms from the Google Play store directly or first download the APK file from below and use it to install the app on any device you got.

Free Download hello sms APK Android

Hello SMS is fast, simple and elegant. All your sent and received messages are kept in one conversation and this is how you don’t need to look for inbox or sentbox.

Share your reviews about the hello sms app down in the comment section and also share this guide at social network so that all your friends can find latest version of hello sms APK for Android.

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