Free Download Hotmail Messenger (Skype) for PC – Stay Connected with Hotmail Freinds

In case you’re using Hotmail or Outlook or Windows Live account as your primary mail account (like me) then you must be having all your friends and family relatives connected with that account. This is the reason why you’re looking to download Hotmail Messenger for free and you can start chatting with the people connected with this account.

Hotmail or Outlook or Live accounts are managed by Microsoft Corporation and they are all same. You need to have a Microsoft ID just like Google or Apple ID. In case you’re using Windows 8 or later running PC or a Windows smartphone then you must be having an account. This is because Microsoft ID is needed to keep the data synchronized.

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When I login into my Hotmail account using browser of my old Windows 7 PC then I found that the Hotmail Messenger is the Skype messenger only.

Download Hotmail Messenger for PC

Hotmail Messenger is the Skype only!

Yes, Microsoft owns the Skype and it is using Skype everywhere. Earlier we use to have Windows Live Messenger but now if you have common Skype and Live (Microsoft) account then you’ll find Skype as the main or default messenger. If you don’t believe me then you can see the screen shot below.

download Hotmail Messenger for free

To access the Hotmail messenger within the mail box you’ve to click on the Messenger icon on the top right bar (just before the settings gear).

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Download Hotmail Messenger for PC

As now it’s clear that Skype is the default messenger and the same Hotmail messenger so you can easily download Skype for PC and can stay connected with all the people connected with your Microsoft live account.

Free Download Hotmail Messenger (Skype)

You can use your Microsoft account to sign in and then you can use that to start the conversation with any people in your list. You can add new contact easily.

Hotmail Messenger is the Skype only

Skype offers lots of features and also allows users to make international and domestic calls and messages (text) to the phone numbers directly. To use this feature you need to buy Skype credits.

But all Skype-to-Skype messages, voice calls and video calls are free of cost just like any messenger. The quality offered at each feature is incredible and this is the reason why Skype is still the best.

So guys, this is the way you can download Hotmail messenger and start using it on your PC.

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