How to Download KakaoTalk for PC and Use on Computer Online for Free

The very popular KakaoTalk can be used on computer for free online using the guide here on how to download KakaoTalk for PC. Like any other messaging app, it is available for free without any advertisements.

Recently Facebook bought WhatsApp and it wasn’t online for at least 3 hours. Also there are many questions being asked about the security and privacy features provided by the WhatsApp. This is the reason why users started looking for alternatives. If you still didn’t got any then I’m sharing the one here. I’ll share KakaoTalk PC download guide after the review of app.

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About KakaoTalk for PC

About KakaoTalk for PC

Once you download KakaoTalk for PC then you can start using KakaoTalk online on computer for free. You’re also going to find KakaoTalk review here that will help you making the decision whether to go with it or not.

It’s simple messaging app which allows sending free and unlimited text messages, multi media messages and users can even make free voice calls. The user interface is very elegant and if you love bright yellow color theme then this app got the same.

It’s available for cross platforms that mean you can download KakaoTalk for BlackBerry, iOS, Bada and even download KakaoTalk for Nokia Asha and Windows phones. This particular feature helps users to find most of their friends using the same app just like WhatsApp.

Download KakaoTalk for PC

One other impressive feature of using KakaoTalk PC app is that users can make free voice calls even when connected to a 2G cellular network. Call quality improves to HD when connected to 3G or 4G or speedy Wi-Fi connection. This feature helps users to save money on their phone bills. Users can even change their voice using filters on the voice calls.

The app is fast, secure and reliable completely. Messages are delivered instantly and you won’t find any trouble making any phone calls. Along with traditional text messages users can share pictures, videos or any other files like voice notes. They can also share hundreds of emoticons to increase chatting experience further.

Users can create groups of their friends and can stay connected with their community easily. There is no limit to number of friends you can add in a group. It provides active notifications and also let you know which messages are read and which aren’t.

Download KakaoTalk PC Online Computer

Another impressive feature of using KakaoTalk desktop app is that it offers free shopping coupons when you refer your friend to the app. You can use that coupon to do shopping on online retailers.

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Steps to Download KakaoTalk for PC

I hope you enjoyed the review of KakaoTalk PC app and now waiting eagerly to start using KakaoTalk online on computer, right. So here I’m starting with the steps you need to follow.

  1. Get BlueStacks installed on your PC first. You can download it from here. It’s free, genuine and trusted by millions of users.
  2. Start BlueStacks once it’s installed and then using its search tool start searching for KakaoTalk app.
  3. You’ll soon find the app then start its downloading.

It will be installed automatically once its downloaded completely and you can launch it any time from My Apps of BlueStacks. This was the guide that let you download KakaoTalk for PC and now you can also share it with your friends.

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