Official Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8/8.1 (Lumia) – Download Now!

Facebook officially announced Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8/8.1 in this month and now you can download Facebook Messenger for Lumia phones for free.

Windows Phones are lacking apps and we all are aware of this bitter truth but still Windows phones, particularly Lumia smartphones are doing good and helped Windows OS to stand as third smartphone platform. Facebook official app was there on the store for long time but people still didn’t stopped looking to install Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone.

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Is there a Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone? This was the question users keep on asking on the internet and now I got official answer for them. Here is a guide on how to get Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone (official)

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

I’m first talking about the features of this app which users can experience while using on their Microsoft’s software powered phones. Here are the features of Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone.

You can instantly login with your account and then all your friends will load up in to the contact list automatically. The stickers you’ve downloaded on the web version will be synchronized automatically. Users can start instant chatting with any of their friend and get all updates instantly.

Download Facebook Messenger for Lumia Phones

Users can send stickers, funny smileys and can share photos instantly. They can also share location within the app. Once you’re logged in then you don’t need to login again unless you log out of the app. Users can start chatting with new contact by tapping ‘+’ option and can refresh the data using refresh option below. There is no swipe refresh feature supported just like Android and iOS.

Instant notifications works like charm to keep you updated with every new update in the app and the best feature is that you can turn off the instant notification feature while working or sleeping. Notifications can help you to stay updated all the time and it also provide a ring notification which is another impressive feature. Start chatting with friends you recently chatted with and you can also search for friends using their name to start the conversation. Adding two or more friends in a single conversation is another impressive feature supported.

This is the best Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone till now as its official one and no other app should be used for now. You don’t need to search for how to get it installed as now the official app is live for free. The best feature of using this on our phone is that we will never miss out any messages and can chat instantly. It will get official updates regularly and all our data (personal messages) will always be secured.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8

All other features like ‘seen’, group conversations, share files, etc are all provided in the app except one new feature. Facebook recently introduced free voice calling feature into its Android app. That feature isn’t available for this Windows Phone’s app and this is the only thing you’ll miss. Most of the users are still not aware of this feature yet.

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I’ve been using it on my Nokia Lumia 525, 520, 625 and 720 and the app is working like charm on each of my devices. Yeah, I love Windows Phone and got all four of them. The user interface is similar to the one which is there on the Android or iOS (recent versions) and using all the tools is very easy (no need to look at any user guide). Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 7 or any previous version than 8 isn’t supported yet.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8

You need to launch ‘Store’ from your Lumia phone or any other Windows phone and then search for Facebook Messenger. You’ll find the app instantly (make sure you’re connected to the internet). Or you can download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone from here. Follow it using the default browser (IE) of your phone.

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