Google Goggles for PC Download – Search for Alternative ends here!

Stop looking for Google Goggles alternative for PC as here is a guide on how to get Google Goggles for PC download easily. Yes, using the guide here you will be able to use the official Android app of Google Goggles on PC/Computer for free.

Google Goggles is a very common and helpful app developed and maintained by Google. You can find it on the Google Play store for free but it’s still not there for PC users. The app is extremely helpful and easy to use and therefore users are looking to download Google Goggles for PC as well.

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About Google Goggles for PC

About Google Goggles for PC

As I already mentioned that Google Goggles is an app developed for smartphones and tablets while if you’re searching for Google Goggles app for iPhone then it is inbuilt in the Google Mobile app.

Using Google Goggles users can capture picture of any object or text/message board which is scanned and searched through search engine and results are fetched to help user. This is how you can find help on the spot without asking any person on the walk.

Google Goggles for PC Download

Users can capture pictures of paintings or any product or text written in a language supported by Google Translator app. All these things can be searched easily and users can get complete information through the Search easily (its automatic). It can read bar code and QR code as well.

Using this app is very easy. Users just need to capture the picture and rest is automatic. User interface is simple and got few important tools. Users can use help option within to learn more about how to use Google Goggles and rest three options are related to picture taking. The three options are, capture button, crop button and picture setting and quality tweaking.

There is nothing in the app to confuse a user from getting done what he is trying to through Google Goggles and this is what an impressive feature of the app. The behind Google Search engine makes the app further powerful as it can easily fetch information on any subject.

Download Google Goggles for PC

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Google Goggles for PC Download

So get ready to use Google Goggles on PC online? You can capture pictures using the webcam of laptop or PC easily. You need to follow the steps shared below to download Google Goggles for PC.

  1. You need to first download and install BlueStacks app player on your PC. This software is needed for the installation and it’s available for free. Millions of users are using it and trust it so no need to worry.
  2. Run BlueStacks and make a search for finding Google Goggles app using its search tool.
  3. Once you found the app then install it by following on screen instructions.

App is small in size so it will get installed within a minute and then you can launch it from My Apps of BlueStacks. This is how you can download Google Goggles for PC and start using for free. I hope now you don’t need any Google Goggles alternatives for PC, right?

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