Hike Messenger for PC Download (Windows 7/8) Computer Install

In the year 2014, a messaging app which got the boom in numbers of users is none other than Hike. It got millions of users today because of its marketing campaigns and various offerings. The app is available for various mobile phone and tablet platforms but still not available officially for PC one. So here I’m sharing a guide on how to download Hike Messenger for PC.

The app is available for free and don’t cost anything of using any of its features. In fact, you’ll be earning rewards which you can use at many shopping portals so you’ll be earning things by using this messaging app.

Hike messenger

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In this guide here I’ll start with first sharing features of this Hike Messenger with you so that you can come to know exactly what this app all about and later I’ll share the installation process to work at your end.

Hike Messenger for PC Features

Hike Messenger is available for free and it got a simple and elegant user interface to help users to learn how to use it completely easily and without requiring any need of user guide.

Next feature is that as it’s a messaging app of this generation so it will allow you to send unlimited messages, share pictures, videos, voice notes, location and many other things within the same conversation.

Hike messenger for PC

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Users can get all of their contacts in automatically as the app will pick them all automatically from the contacts of your device. In case of using it on computer you need to add them manually.

Hike Messenger for PC Download Guide

To get this app installed on your computer you need to go through the following steps as mentioned down here but before starting make sure that your system is running on latest version of graphics driver otherwise you may find a lot of troubles.

  1. First of all you need to download Andy software on your Windows computer or laptop. It is available for free on its official website here.
  2. Next thing to do is to start the installation process of this Andy and complete it by following on screen instructions.
  3. Andy will be running now and then you need to first find out Google Play store app and then start it.
  4. Now using the search tool of Google Play store, find out Hike Messenger app.
  5. At last you need to click on Install option to complete the process from your end which will be done automatically.

This is all needed to be done from your side and soon the messenger will be installed and running within the Andy on your computer. You can now start the app and use it.

Don’t forget to share this guide of getting Hike Messenger for PC download with your friends so that they can also know about it and if you find any trouble then do let me know about it in the comment section down here so that I can fix them for you.

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