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Downloading files from the internet can be a hassle, especially if your internet connections isn’t consistent and you download several files at once. An effective solution to resolve this issue is to install and use a downloader or a similar program which helps you manage your downloads effortlessly. Among the numerous download managers available online, the “Internet Download Manager” stands out from the rest of the pack.

This easy to use and multifunctional download manager has everything you need to manage downloads. The software is also useful for optimising your download speed. Thus, it is a complete package delivered in the form of a single application.


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Key Features

Internet Download Manager is an efficient downloader and download speed optimiser. The application allows you to schedule your download, prioritise them and it can also be used to pause and resume a download. Hence, if the download is interrupted due to any reason, it can continue downloading from the previous point instead of requiring you to commence the download once again. It helps save time as well as data.

Another useful feature of this application is to easily categorise all downloads under the different categories. You are not required to arrange them manually. Internet Download Manager does it for you.

This software also optimises your bandwidth and downloads. The optimisation increases download speed and uses the best available resources for downloading the files. The software detects the sources and downloads files from the multiple source connections at the best possible speed. It makes the entire process simple and effortless.

Apart from these superior features, there is also another feature that makes this software stand out. And, it is the ability to download web content directly from the internet. So, if you are watching an online video, you can directly download it.

Internet Download Manager is compatible with most of the popular browsers. It can be integrated with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and several other browsers. It can also easily integrate with the Windows operating system of any version. Hence, whether you have the latest Windows 10 or an earlier version like Windows 7, the program can be installed and used easily.

User Interface

User interface is one aspect of this software which is below par. It can’t be called an aesthetically appealing and visually pleasing program interface. However, when it comes to functionality and usability, the interface is highly effective. It is highly intuitive despite its substandard layout and design.

Summing It Up

Internet Download Manager is an effective and useful software. It’s a single solution that is capable of catering of all download requirements. You can use it to schedule your downloads, categorise them, optimise the speed of downloads, and download directly from the web browser. The efficient compatibility of the program with most of the renowned browsers and an easy to use interface makes it an ideal choice for those who download large volumes of file. The only blemish is the design of the interface, but considering its utility value, this single aspect can be ignored.

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