iPhoto for PC Download on Windows 7/8 Tutorial is available

Hey guys, you came here searching for iPhoto for Windows or iPhoto for PC guide and I’m sharing down here exactly the same. This guide is going to let you do the installation of this very popular app developed by Apple which comes pre-installed on any Mac computer these days. The app is available with a price tag on the iTunes app stores and as you wanted to use it on your Windows PC so you need to go through this guide.

Unfortunately, iPhoto is an App for Mac and Apple isn’t in mood to make it cross platform i.e. launching it for Windows or any other PC platform. This is the reason why you still need to keep on using iPhoto on your Mac computer itself as you can’t have iPhoto for PC (Windows).


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If you want to use iPhoto app then you probably need to buy a Mac computer which is till now the best computing device and better than Windows computers in many points. So buying a Mac will be a better idea rather than going for iPhoto’s alternatives or trying some spam methods to install iPhoto on Windows.

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iPhoto for Windows PC

Yes, there are many spam methods available which you can try out on your Windows computer but truth is that none of them works better. Most of them are spam and rest of them doesn’t work at all. Apple is always very keen to keep it things patented and this is the reason why they are not leaking any single way which can be used to get their product used without their permission.

Features of iPhoto

I’m going to share features of the iPhoto along with best of its alternatives which you can still get for Windows platform down here.

iPhoto is a photo manager (album) and photo editor app developed by Apple itself and these days it comes pre-installed on Mac platform. You can easily start using it and within few days you will become its pro user as its user interface is very simple and elegant.


You will not find any trouble what so ever while using this app on your Windows computer because of its clean and clear user interface. You can easily open any pictures or images in this tool and then try to edit it to make it look unique.

It also comes with album app included where you will find all your photos listed and well arranged. This makes it easy to find out any picture and start editing them easily or do whatever allowed by the iPhoto.

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The photo editing filters and other options included within are very powerful and you’re going to use them all for sure to make your photo look better and unique when you share it on any social network.

If you are still looking for a photo editor but want to stick to your Windows computer for any reason then here I’m sharing best alternatives to iPhoto.

Google Picasa and the Adobe Photoshop are the two best alternatives to the iPhoto which you can try easily on the Windows platform. Let me know what’s your plan now are as iPhoto for PC isn’t available anyhow.

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