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Java has been an integral part of computing since long. It is one of the most essential components to execute a website’s script and run various applications and devices. Java supports millions of computers around the world to efficiently run numerous applications. Java Runtime Environment is a virtual computing environment which allows executing of Java Script and makes it possible to run devices. Java Runtime Environment or JRE incorporates a Java Virtual Machine which effects the execution of the programs by providing the necessary classes of files and access to the library. Hence, JRE is an important platform for any computer or other Java supporting device.


Importance of Java Runtime Environment

Java is a product of Oracle and is one of the most commonly used technology in the world. It is a cross platform tool used across the internet such as websites, computers, mobile phones and even other equipment. Java is a part of almost every computational device in the world which include computers, mobile devices, navigation systems, webcams, printers, Blu-Ray players, and several medical equipment. It is also used for developing games and applications. Thus, it is crucial that every device must support execution of Java script and Java Runtime Environment provides the necessary system thereby making Java portable. Due to JRE, every computer can easily execute Java enabled games, programs or apps. Hence, JRE is a useful tool for effective running of devices and programs.

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Useful for Programmers

Java Runtime Environment is useful not only for the users of the aforementioned devices, programs and websites; but it is highly useful for Java programmers. It allows them to develop and share and test their programs irrespective of the platform.

How JRE works

JRE constitutes of a Java Virtual Machine, libraries and classes that enables the execution of Java applications. Programs with .Jav extensions run on JRE. JRE also includes the required plugins to allow execution of Java applets in browsers, thereby running the Java scripts over the internet. Once installed, JRE runs in the background without requiring any further intervention from the users, who simply need to keep it running on their computer. Whenever a Java application or applet is detected, JRE allows its execution.

Features of JRE

Java Runtime Environment can be installed on computers with any operating system such as Windows, Linux and Mac. It makes cross platform functioning and execution possible. It also supports all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera.

The program has a simple installation process and the users simply need to follow the instructions. Once installed, JRE run in the background which means the users do not have to operate it manually. The integration with the web browsers is also seamless and it gets automatic updates.

Summing it up

Java Runtime Environment is an essential tool for every computer as it is a virtual machine which provides the necessary environment for running Java programs and applets. JRE can be installed on any operating system and is compatible with all the major browsers. It is an easy to install program which does not require any further operations.

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