ooVoo for PC Download is available on Windows 7/8

There are many apps available to let you send messages and make free calls but finding a better one isn’t that easy. Today I’m going to share a better app with you named ooVoo which is available on the Google Play store, iTunes app store and many other platforms for free. This is a guide here on how to get ooVoo for PC download.

I’ll be sharing features of this app here that will let you know exactly what you’ll experience while using it and this will give you a glimpse of the app without actually using it. And later I’ll share the installation process with you that is going to happen trouble free.


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The app is available for free and most of its features are available for free but there are certainly few features also available as paid. You can use them to help yourself in experiencing premium features.

Features of ooVoo for PC

This is a free to use app where you can send unlimited number of messages with any of your friends and relatives.

You can even make free voice calls and video calls as well. This particular feature will let you save a lot of money since you won’t be making calls on cellular network rather simply over the data pack.

Yes, you need to pay for data pack but that’s cheap in comparison to phone call price.

You and your 5 friends can together start conversation or call and have too much fun.

ooVoo for PC

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The user interface in there is easy to use and within few minutes you’ll quickly learn using complete features.

Download ooVoo for PC Guide Free

You need to go through the steps mentioned down here to know how you can do the installation without finding any trouble at all. But before starting make sure that the graphics driver version of your computer or laptop is upgraded to the latest available version and then you won’t find any trouble at all.

  1. First of all you need to download Andy software on your Windows computer or laptop. It is available for free on its official website here.
  2. Next thing to do is to start the installation process of this Andy and complete it by following on screen instructions.
  3. Andy will be running now and then you need to first find out Google Play store app and then start it.
  4. Now using the search tool of Google Play store, find out ooVoo app.
  5. At last you need to click on Install option to complete the process from your end which will be done automatically.

That’s it! You’re done with the installation process now and I hope that you didn’t find any trouble at all during the complete installation process. In short, you don’t need to worry about anything else and wait till the automatic installation is completed and then you can start using it.

This was all about how to download ooVoo for PC and I hope you share this guide with your friends over social network so that they can also join you in using this conversation creating app.

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