Pixel Dungeon for PC

The Rogue-like ASCII based game Pixel Dungeon is something that lies in somewhere between the simple graphical games and the high-resolution games. With all flowery prose that accompanies the events in the game, every adventure on the map layout is different from one another in terms of various monsters, items and many more that will keep the excitement level rising. Though the main concept or the game plot is of searching and fighting against a wizard that has attacked the kingdom, but beyond fighting monsters it is also interesting to see that how long you survive in one go and how much you score in the leader board.


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To play the game, you can choose your character from one of the four warrior classes. Pixel Dungeon welcomes you on board with a clean interface with 16-bit art and the game play has been also kept simple where you can use directions to guide the character through its way. Along with guiding the character left and right, or up and down the stairs, there are some interesting moments also such as a secret door or a key to progress and many more that can take your excitement a bit higher each time.

A number of items are there with spells and functions, some of them you can identify and some of them you cannot recognize until you use it. Some seeds scattered can grow to plants with enchanting effects and similarly dewdrops or some portions can benefit you in some way or the other according to their features.

The best thing that can happen is the text narration that appears at the bottom of the desktop for people who are not able to understand that exactly what is happening in the game. So, all that can be said is that Pixel Dungeon is an exact game for players who have taken Rogue-like games to be their favorites, and also it can attract a number of such players to take a break who are more into playing high resolution games or games on play stations.

As the game is a pixel game, thus it is very unlikely that it will consume much of the storage of your device. You may require a good screen resolution and a good sound system on your personal computer, but the major system requirement for the game Pixel Dungeon is that Java should be installed on the computer.


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Pixel Dungeon is available on personal computers, but there are some minor differences because of the keyboard functions.

  • To get Pixel Dungeon for PC, the computer must have an emulator installed on it. Bluestacks can be easily downloaded and installed directly from here!
  • You can use the emulator Bluestacks as a search application, where you have to enter the name of the game Pixel Dungeon for PC and search.
  • As the name appears, click on the install option to directly install it on the system.
  • The installed game will be stored in the My Applications section of Bluestacks from where you can start the game.

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