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Pokémon Go is a new role playing game, available for Android and iOS users. The game is new, however you might be amazed to know that the game has now active user’s equivalent to twitter users. The figures are quite enough to tell a tale of its success and virality. If you also want to play this game, however you do not own an android or iOS device; you can play this game on your PC. It is not officially available for PC’s; you will need some extra tools to get it running on your PC. Before getting into running this game on your PC, firstly we need to have a look at what the game is all about and what are those cute Pokémon’s?


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About Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is modeled after the animated series, ‘Pokémon’; which portrays Pokémon’s and their trainers. Same has been followed here; you start as a Pokémon trainer and have to travel places to catch the Pokémon. The most important aspect of the game is that, you really have to move out of your houses to catch the Pokémon’s; which makes this game quite interesting and engaging. While roaming around, you can find Pokémon’s in different locations, when you have found one, just throw a pokeball towards it to catch it. However, there is a trick in that too, if done correctly Pokémon will be inside your pokeball, otherwise it will break free.

Pokémon Go also introduces ‘Augmented Reality’, wherein you can actually feel that the Pokémon is present in the real world location and appears floating on the surface behind your phone’s screen. AR works quite well, however it becomes quite difficult to catch Pokémon’s with all those clutters and moving background videos.

The game has pokestops, which are real world locations, created on the basis of population density around the area. You can find, free pokeballs, special items and even free Pokémon’s in such pokestops. To get such items, just step in a pokestop and spin the wheel.

Pokémon go also consist of Gyms, where you can combat with other trainers present in the gym. There are Gym leaders too, which takes care of their respective gyms. You can fight with them to gain control over the respective gym. Combat mode in this game is quite disappointing as much more was expected from such as game, that just tapping on the screen to make moves.

How to Run on PC?

To run this game on your PC, follow steps below:

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  1. Download Nox App Player offline installer.
  2. Install from the installation package so downloaded.
  3. Now open bluestacks and search for ‘Pokémon Go’. Once found download it.
  4. Note that game is not available in all regions, if not available in your region; download the APK file of the game from below!

As this game cannot be played from one static location, you need to fake the GPS. Once installation is complete, we need to fix the movement controls for the game. For this you can use GPS faker application.

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