Powercam for PC

There are times when you have a number of images in your phone’s album but you still don’t have the perfect picture that you can set on your profile or can upload on any of the social networking sites. These days most of the social networking sites are known for the feature that people upload and share pictures here for various reasons. Now if you have a tool through which you can edit your clicked picture then can get a perfect piece for these social sites. Powercam is such a software made for you android device that helps you in adjusting and editing your clicked picture so that you can make all the images perfect for your social networking sites. The software is now also available for your computer with the help of a small tool known as android emulator. You can easily download Powercam for PC using this tool and can enjoy the same features.


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Make your images perfect with Powercam

Powercam for PC gives you the ability to edit a picture as per your liking within minutes. You can get a perfect image instantly after you apply various features on the image that you wish to edit. There are a number of features in the software, that you find way useful. You can rotate the images in 360 degree angles; you can edit the sharpness, blurriness of the image. You can also add times add or subtract certain colors from the image.  You want the image smaller than its usual size, you can do it, or you want the image larger but at the same resolution, then also it is possible. You can crop a part of the image to use it as your profile picture or you can add a text field so that to write something and personalize the image.


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Using the application Powercam for PC is quite simple and easy. While using the application on your android device, you can click the image using the inbuilt camera and then can select the image from the phone album to edit it using the application Powercam. But in case of computer, you can click the image using a camera and then can transfer the image using a USB port to the computer. Now you can edit this image using Powercam for PC.


Now if you are desperate to know that how can you exactly use the application on your computer then Bluestacks is the tool that can help you in getting the application on your computer. Many people may have this software already installed on their computer as they might have installed some of the android applications before. In case you don’t have the emulator on the computer you can download it from here.


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Now after you have Bluestacks on your computer, now you can search for the application Powercam and can install it on your computer directly by clicking on the icon of the application.

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