Shazam for PC – Download and Use Shazam app on Windows PC Easily

Shazam is available for featured mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and also for PCs (Windows and Mac). The app is very popular and available for free for all the platforms I mentioned above. In case you wish to download Shazam for PC (Windows) then you’re at the right place.

Shazam is an app which is once installed on your PC or any supported device then you’ll be keep on using it again and again. It’s simple and got one feature due to which it has been used widely and so popular worldwide.

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What is Shazam for PC?

In case you’re not sure what is Shazam app for PC then I’m starting this guide by first clearing this major doubt. Shazam app provides a very handy feature which can help you in saving lots of time and also updating your knowledge base about music.

How to Download Shazam for PC

Yes, Shazam is a music app which you can use for free. Using Shazam on PC you can easily find out almost every details of a song or video. Many times we got lots of audio or video songs saved in our device with names like ‘Track 09’, ‘Preview1’, etc. In such case, we care to find out name of the song, its movie name and many more details.

Download Shazam for Windows 8

You can simply start this app, start the song which you don’t have details and wish to know and the Shazam app will provide you all the required information within few seconds. The Shazam app has got only one requirement i.e. it requires active internet connection.

The Shazam app will also provide all genuine stores (online) from where you can buy that song and it will also provide YouTube video of that audio song. This is what you can do with Shazam app for PC.

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Download Shazam for Windows 8 PC

In case you’re having Windows 8 PC then you can download Shazam for Windows 8 PC for free from the store app. Shazam is available officially for Windows 8 PCs.

Shazam for Windows 8 PC

  1. Press start button.
  2. Start search and type ‘Shazam’. Or you can find it here.
  3. Make sure that the PC is connected to internet and within few seconds you’ll find Shazam app.
  4. Click on Install button to start Shazam installation on Windows 8 PC.

That’s it!

How to Download Shazam for PC

Now I’m starting with the easiest guide following which you’ll be able to download Shazam for PC and install it. You’re supposed to follow the simple steps as mentioned below.

In case you’re having a Windows PC running any previous version of OS than Windows 8 like Windows 7, Vista or XP then this guide is for you.

Steps to Install Shazam app on PC

  1. First download BlueStacks app player here software for your Windows PC. Software is free and completely genuine.
  2. Install BlueStacks once it’s downloaded. Its installation is simple.
  3. Start BlueStacks once it’s installed and then make a run to find Shazam app using its search tool.
  4. Once you find the app then download and install it.

You’ll find shortcut of Shazam app in BlueStacks and now you can use it. Run Shazam app anytime within the BlueStacks and you’ll be able to use all of its features. This is the Shazam Android app which is now installed on your Windows PC.

I hope you find this guide on how to download Shazam for PC worth and got the solution in easiest way. Share it with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social network.

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