Download Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone (Free) – Official Game from Imangi Studios

In case you’ve bought a Windows Phone OS running smartphone instead of Android smartphone then you must be missing lots of apps about which you may have heard from your friends (using Android devices). But here is good news for you as recently a very popular game was made available for the Windows Phone smartphones. I’m talking about Temple Run 2 game and I’m here going to share a guide that will let you download Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone (free).

Yes, the official Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone is here which is developed by the Imangi Studios. You may have heard that there are lots of fake games available on the store but the one which I’m going to share here is the official one.

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Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone – Features

If you’ve already played this game on any Android device then you can skip this part of the guide and directly head over to the download link. But if you’re new to this game then you must go through the features of Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone game.

Download Temple Run 2 for Windows Smartphone

The game is an endless running game that means you need to run as long as you can handle the character in the game. There is a character in the game that will run on your behalf but you’ll be controlling him/her. You need to control him/her and either jump or dash or turn on the very sharp turns.

The graphics of Temple Run 2 for Windows smartphone is stunning and of very high quality (comparable to HD). You’re going to get addicted to the game due to the graphics and the simple game play. In this game you only need to concentrate on whatever coming in your way and to go for as far as you can.

Download Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone Free

There will be lots of obstacles that will come in your way along with special power ups and coins. You need to collect special power ups and as many coins as you can while staying safe of the obstacles otherwise your game will get over.

You can increase the power of your character and can even unlock new character from the game store within. The special power you collect while running will help you to make a longer run.

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Free Download Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone

The game is available only for Windows Phone running on the WP 8 OS version and your device must be having 512MB of RAM and free storage for the game otherwise you may not find game working well.

Follow the below mentioned download link from the browser of your Windows smartphone and then click on Install button to get Temple Run 2 installed.

Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone Download

Share this guide and news with your friends having Windows smartphone running on Windows Phone 8 OS and let them also play Temple Run 2.

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