Free Download Truecaller for PC (Windows) and Find Phone number details from PC Online

With the increase in use of mobile phones in our daily life, the phone numbers are now our identity but it’s hard to know name of the person having that phone number unless we got his/her contact saved. These days for smartphones there are lots of apps available which can easily let you know the details of the person calling you. One such app is Truecaller and I’m going to share this guide will let you free download Truecaller for PC.

Truecaller is a phone directory in which you can easily find the details of a person with his/her phone number. This is how using Truecaller app you can easily solve the trouble of not knowing the details of any unknown phone number.

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Features of Truecaller for PC

In case you’re using Truecaller on your Android phone or any other compatible smartphone then you’re going to experience all the features of this app. Following are the features of Truecaller app.

Truecaller for PC Free Download

This app has got a simple and useful user interface using which you can easily find the details of any phone number. You can search for the details by the phone numbers and the app can even flash the details when you get phone call from an unknown number. This particular feature is the best one of Truecaller.

The app can even allow you to block phone number and you’ll never receive calls from that particular phone number. There are lots of phone number blocking apps available but this one is the most popular and mine favorite one.

free download Truecaller for PC

The app has also got social network integration and using this feature this app automatically finds social profile of any person and show it in the contact app of your phone with his/her profile picture. This particular feature makes your contact app look like gem.

There is one limitation of this app. It got phone number details only if it’s there in its database. Most of the cases you won’t find a phone number details but still you can block any unknown number.

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Download Truecaller for PC (Windows)

You can free download Truecaller for PC by following the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. First download BlueStacks app player software on your PC for Windows PC.
  2. Install the software once it’s downloaded completely.
  3. Run the software and use its search tool to find out Truecaller Android app. You’ll find it easily but make sure internet connection is working.
  4. Download and install the app once got it.

This is how you can free download Truecaller for PC (Windows) and you’ll be able to use its search feature on your PC using which you can find details of any phone number.

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