WhatsApp for HTC, LG, Sony, Nokia, etc Download Officially

WhatsApp is a must have app for every smartphone and these days it had been also available for featured phones (thanks to the WhatsApp team which is working really hard to bring this application to more devices). If your device is running on any version of Android OS (2.3 or later) then you can start using it by installing it on your device. You can download it from App market (Google Play store) for free.

The app is available for free for one year and then it costs approx $0.99 per year. This is the fee which they are taking to keep themselves working hard for the app. There are no advertisements in the app to disturb you and spoil your user experience. Here is a guide that will get you WhatsApp for HTC, LG, Sony, Nokia, etc Download officially.


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WhatsApp official features

In this part I’m sharing features of this app so that you can learn its features and how you can use that to save money on your phone bill. Following are the official features of WhatsApp application.

The very first thing that you’re going to like is that you don’t need to pay anymore for message packs (text and MMS, both) as you can start sending messages to all of your friends for free using the WhatsApp itself. Your friends just need to be available on this app and then you will be able to start sending messages for free.

You can share pictures, videos, or take picture directly and share instantly, share any web URL or voice notes or you can even share your current location with your friends. These are the things you can share with any of your friends who are using the same app.

Next thing which is impressive is that you’re going to love using it and learn using it very easily due to its very simple user interface. You’re going to love using it due to that and get addicted to that. User interface is also very elegant in design which further attracts users.

WhatsApp for HTC, LG, Sony, Nokia, etc Download Officially

Next impressive feature is that you can create groups of your friends in it and then start talking to them instantly at a single conversation. A group can have maximum of 50 friends but there is no limit on how many groups you can create. You can also update your own profile like picture and status.

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Download WhatsApp officially

Now since you’re further convinced after reading features of this free messaging app so here now I’m sharing download links for particular device brands. You can simply click on appropriate link as mentioned down here to get this app on your phone and then it will be installed automatically.

WhatsApp for HTC download

WhatsApp for Nokia download

WhatsApp for Sony download

WhatsApp for LG download

This is all about this guide friends. Now you can sit back, relax a bit and then start using WhatsApp or may from now onwards. Do share this guide to your social network so that all of your friends who are still not having this app start using it.

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