Why Flappy Bird deleted from iTunes and Google Play

Flappy Bird started its journey in May 2013 but it became popular in the month of December 2013 when it broke into the top of the iTunes and Google Play charts. The game developed by Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) is now dead.

Dong Nguyen took the game down from both these app stores for some unknown reason (not specified yet). Users went crazy for the game and it become the most addictive game since last two months.

Why Flappy Bird deleted/removed?

I’m attaching screen shot of the last tweets done by the Nguyen which makes it clear that the Flappy Bird game was deleted for some unknown reason.

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Flappy Bird removed

He is not in mood to clarify the reason he took this decision. The Flappy Bird game become very popular and was a huge source of income easily for him. But still he took the game down which has shocked each of its users around the world.

According to me, Nguyen wasn’t able to handle the mails he used to receive after getting his game so popular. This can be a reason why he took the decision of removing the game.

Why Flappy Bird deleted from iTunes and Google Play

Another reason which fits in the situation is that the game consists of hollow pipes. These pipes look very much similar to the pipes which were there in the Super Mario game developed by Nintendo. This may have created some legal issues and that’s resulted into the end of the game.

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Official reason

The official reason of deleting Flappy Bird game is that the developer found it very addictive. The game was wasting tons of hours of each of its players and he don’t wanted another game like Candy Crush Saga. This is the official reason I found according to his tweets regarding the deletion of Flappy Bird game.

What’s now? What do you think is the reason behind deletion of Flappy Bird game? Which game deserves the tag of best alternatives of Flappy Bird?

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